Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ici as elegant as ever

As my mother struggles in her physical weakness, our siblings gathered around her this week to encourage her.

As soon as we heard she was beginning to wane, all eight of us grown children found some way to visit her in Massachusettes. What at reunion it was. It rejuvenated her enough to get her eating again. Not a lot, and certainly not enough to sustain her life over the long term. But enough to allow her the time she needed for some wonderful connections.

She spoke with her sister, Kato, in Budapest. She listened as each of her eight children shared precious memories, and she got to enjoy the sunshine of unusually warm Spring weather as my siblings wheeled her outside to bask in the warmth.

She has also met with her priest. What a smile she has when she tells us she how comforted she was by that meeting. When asked if she is certain of her ultimate home in Heaven, she smiles and nods peacefully.

Please pray for peace during these difficult days for her.

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Susan said...

Kitty, I am glad you have updated your blog... It is encouraging and helps me know how to pray for her and her family.... With love, hugs and prayers, Susan Haksch Straka