Monday, May 4, 2009

Beautiful Neni - Remarkable Life

If you are visiting here because of the link from the Richmond Times Dispatch or the Foxboro Reporter, thanks for visiting Ici-Neni's blog.

I created this blog for Ici a year ago because we had gathered lots of notes and journal entries she had made about her childhood and her interesting adventures immigrating to two countries and raising eight kids.

There are still many entries she had written or I had recorded that I plan to update this blog with from time to time. If you would like to be added to an email notification for updates, please email me at
Meanwhile, here are some photos to enjoy. We would love to hear your comments.

1924, with her mother. Ici wrote that she actually remembers being washed in a tub as her mother commented on Ici's tiny baby feet. She wrote about here in this blog entry.

Ici with her sister, Kato, in the 1930's in Budapest. Ici talks about her siblings and one of their funny stories here at this blog entry.

Ici's passport that allowed her to visit an Austrian family during the 1930's for a student exchange program. Ici told us stories about a beautiful Jewish girl she visited with in Austria and wondered about once the war began. She recorded this story in her journal and it will eventually appear on her blog.

Newly married. Ici's husband was the love of her life. He rescued her from a dangerous seige on Budapest at the end of WWII. Wanting to remove Ici from Budapest, he begged her father to let him take her to safety. "not unless you marry her first," was the reply. With the sound of bombs in the background, they ran about town getting a marriage licence. Ici wrote about this event and it will eventually be on the blog.

In Germany in the late 1940's

Helping husband, Joe, run his shirt factory in Germany. Always the entrepreneur, Ici wrote about their desire to create opportunity and how that took them to the US. (Will need to get this up on the blog soon as well).

Young mother.

A new life in America in the 1950's was exciting. Ici wrote about the ship ride over and their adventures assimilating. Don't yet have that on the blog - coming soon.

Glam gal of the 70's.

Still in love in the 80's

Even after 8 kids, still playing hard to get!

Visiting European castles with her children

And cooking up a mean Paprikash Chirke- even on a camping trip!

Hugging a few of her many, many, MANY grandchildren!

Smiling at us, even last week. Check out the sweet smile she had when the eight of us children stood around her. It's on an earlier posting here. I imagine her smile even brighter right now in Heaven.


Susan said...

Thanks for this post, especially the photos and captions! I am looking forward to more from my Aunt Ici's memoirs.

Anonymous said...

Kitty, what wonderful memories you all have. I can see your mother in looks, strength, hope in the Lord. Our sympathies to all of you. Please post some of her recipes...they sound delicious!
Love, Stacy

Kitty H said...

Thank you, Stacey. She does have good recipes, and they will be up here eventually!

Anonymous said...

What a treasure! A wonderful remembrance of the person who influences our lives the most...our mother. Kitty, it must be great comfort to you to know that you will see her again in Heaven with our Father. Blessings to you and your family as you go through this difficult time. Wendy (SouthBrook Church, Weddington, NC)

Anonymous said...

Blessings to your mother and the legacy she left behind. Me and my family were neighbors of yours. Even though i was little, i remember your mother vividly- her accent, her smile, her warmth. She was a light in this world and is remembered fondly. My mother passed August 23 last year and i miss her every day. I know the strength of your family bond will help you through the grief. Prayers to you and the family. Saundra Bock (Bernice & Herb Bock's daughter)